Registration of Marriages in Muslims and marriage process

Many people think that muslims can do more than one marriage.Muslims are basically followers of single marriage contrary to the belief that they practice polygamy. With the changing times this community has also changed and has become more liberal. The marriage is fixed by the families of boy and girl and a proposal for marriage normally comes form the boy’s side. After the mutual of consent of boy and girl the wedding is fixed.

In muslims generally registration of marriage does not holds a great importance. But still due to legal rules it may be done. Muslim men can marry a girl of any community except jewish and christian. The children born out of such marriage follow islam. If a muslim girl wants to marry a man of different religion then the man has to convert to islam for marriage.

In case of either of the man or women is already married the marriage can take place only after legal termination of the first marriage.

The couple needs to be present before the islamic judge along with two witnesses for marriage. Money and gifts may be given to the couple at the time of marriage.


Registration of Muslim Marriage

The process of registration of marriage for muslims is not too cumbersome. Also it may be noted that registration of marriage in muslims is not mandatory.

The process  of registration of marriage is rather simple one and ii takes hardly few minutes to get a marriage registered. The editorial team gives the approval for marriage within hours of marriage registration. The only criteria for marriage registration of muslims is that the persons applying for registration of marriage should be above 18 years of age and they should be married to each other.

In Muslim community registration of marriage/divorce is primarily for the purposes of statistics, no doubt, in case of marriage dispute or divorce it is note considered to be the final proof and can be rejected if there is any other solid evidence . Therefore, registration of Muslim Marriages/Divorce cannot be over emphasized and over-hyped but at the same time, it cannot be over­simplified or underplayed for it is very essential for the civilized society like India.